Bars Near Me

Bars Near Me

When you want to have a good time at night in any town or city, you definitely want to know the best bars near me to go to!

When you are up and about and looking at bars near me, you want to find a relaxing place that has good drinks, good music and happy people. As you have noticed, we are talking about good music and drinks here. You don’t want to find yourself in just an ok spot. There are many nightclubs and bars all over the world and some serve a specific clientele while others are touch and go for everyone. If you favor places where you get to meet just about anyone, you can look at the more open bars.

mixed fruit cocktails at Christos Restaurant and Bar

Whether you will be spending the night by yourself or you have company or if you want to find some quality company, you can always find out from the network you are in the best bars near me and then check them out. Sometimes, if you have the time, you can go earlier before the dark so that you get to have a look at how a restaurant is set and whether or not it would work for you. Of course, many bars transform at night and this is because of the strobe lights plus other dim club lights that are carefully installed to give the ambiance it needs to attract the right kind of crowd.

What are some of the things to check when looking for a bar?

  • The first most obvious thing you need to check is the kind of drinks served its patrons. If you are more of a quality beer person, it would be extremely unfortunate if you were to find yourself at a cocktail restaurant. Most people enjoy having beers or some kind of spirits while others are more inclined to cocktails. The kind of drink you hope to get will also influence the bar you go to as some places have their own artisanal ales. If you are looking to go traditional, you have to keep this mind when you are on the prowl.
  • The kind of restaurant you go to also influences your decision when looking into a location to go when in a different city or town. If you prefer sports bars, then the location you select should be designed in a way that catching a game is very easy without having to strain. Other sports bars have themes and if you find an Irish sports bar, you can be hopeful on getting some quality whiskey.
  • The ambiance influences the decision when looking for locations. There are some locations which are pretty high on the pretentious list and if this is not your idea of having a good time, you are better off looking for a more laid-back bar where everyone is eager to interact with the rest.
  • The amount you are willing to pay for a drink will also affect the bar that you go to. Some bars charge higher amounts for the very same drink you will find down the road in a different eatery. This is usually a combination of image, music and the kind of clientele such bars hope to attract. Finding out the price ranges of bars in your area will guide you in making a decision.
  • The type of people you hope to meet will greatly influence the kind of bar you go to. Some people go out to bars to meet either men or women while others just want to meet like-minded people and have fun. It is very easy to identify the bars where certain people go like for example if you are a student and you would like to meet fellow students, looking at bars that cater for students would be your first step.
  • The most obvious thing to do would be to check out the bars of interest online and also explore the reviews written about them. You can also ask around and get an idea of which bars are considered the best.

What are some of the tips for going out?

So now that you have found yourself a good business, what are just some of the things you need to keep in mind? A lot of things happen in a restaurant and you must always be careful whether or not you are by yourself or with company. Practicing best practices when you go out will not only ensure you are safe but will also see to it that you have a nice time.

  • You must understand language and know when appropriate to use them. When ordering a whiskey on the rocks, for example, your bartender might ask you whether that should come in a single or double. Btw, whiskey on the rocks is also a bar language that you must know. It is very easy to check out the languages used so that you don’t end up looking confused when ordering a drink.
  • Keep your order as simple as possible. Most bars will have a bar list for you that will include all the drinks they serve from beers to cocktails to spirits and bitters. It’s ok to ask for clarification when you can’t understand something but it’s a whole story when you stand demanding for custom drinks! Only do this if you are well known to the bartender
  • It’s good to tip your bartender. It is not a must but if your bartender serves you exceptionally well, you should tip them to show some appreciation. When you tip bartenders, they are generally kinder to you meaning you get stronger drinks. Who doesn’t want to get an extra shot thrown in there?
  • Always dress as per the restaurant you are going to. You should check out the reviews and ambiance and the people who visit the bar and follow suit or at least be well dressed. You are going to a bar to have fun!