Brick Oven Pizza Near Me

Brick Oven Pizza Near Me

Do you find yourself saying, “Where is the brick oven pizza near me?” If you have never ever had pizza made from a brick oven, you are missing out on some really good pizza. Yes, we all agree that pizza is pizza no matter where you have it but we also have to accept that some pizza tastes too great to even be real! When looking at brick ovens near me, you obviously don’t want to just find a one of a kind brick oven and stare at it, you want to enjoy some of the best artisanal pizza in the world. It might sound far-fetched but if you have really eaten one made from a brick oven that has a very dedicated pizzeria who owns it, then you do get what we are saying!

Almost all of us had the very first pizza experience from the likes of a restaurant like Pizza Hut or Dominoes which are some of the most famous pizza places in the whole world. And it’s not a joke for this two big giants because the amount of money they rake in from just selling pizza annually will leave you wondering. But will you find their pizza made completely 100% from brick ovens? Brick ovens near me locations are where you need to go if you are serious about pizza!!!

pepperoni pizza at Christos Restaurant and Bar

What is so good about brick ovens?

First, we are going to really look into what a brick oven is before we even proceed to tell you why exactly you must make sure after this to find yourself an Italian restaurant that serves this kind of pizza. You are probably thinking that all you need for a successful pizza is a good dough, some cheese, a bit of tomato sauce and the toppings of your choice. To some extent, this is true while on the other hand, how your pizza is made will actually determine the kind of pizza experience you have!

In very simple terms, a brick oven is an oven that has been made using bricks or clay or stones of which are fireproof and very well insulated to prevent any loss of heat. They are then either lit up by use of coals, which is very common ever since the 19th century or wood is used. Of course, you have to make sure you are using the right kind of wood or charcoal or you will end up eating smokey pizza! The whole point of a brick oven is the artisanal allure, making bread or pizza from scratch from a very dedicated baker or pizza guy. Nothing beats food made from scratch and that’s why the pizza that is made this way stands out.

Of course with the modern times, you will find the commercial giants incorporating a few the traditional methods of pizza making with the modern one but it still never quite matches with the brick oven! If you were to sneak a peek into the oven, you would see the wood or charcoal burning at the end and then there is an opening where the pizza is placed to cook under 10 minutes or a, bit more depending on just how hot it gets.

What are the types of brick ovens used in a restaurant?

There are two types of brick ovens that you can use for your Italian restaurant or that you can build in your backyard for making handmade pizza. The mechanism involved in building one is not very complicated and you just need to make sure it’s fireproof and that it seals in the heat very well. A poorly insulated brick oven will not give you the results that you desire.

  • The cob oven is a type of brick oven that is generally made from a mixture of sand, clay, and straw in order to form the material known as a cob. Your cob oven can be portable or it can be immovable and all this depends on what you want to achieve at the end of the day. Heating the oven is very straightforward and you could use lumber or charcoal to fire it up. Once the oven is at a heat that you deem acceptable for making your pizza, you can transfer the coal or the lumber from the opening and proceed to cook your pizza!
  • Another kid of brick oven is called the cloche and it works like a modern-day oven by evenly distributing heat. It looks like a bowl standing upside down and also has a handle fixed at the top that you use to either lift or put down the bowl. It has a heath where you would have to burn the coal or firewood and when it gets hot enough, you would have to clear a space where you will cook your pizza, cover it with the bowl and then make sure to have the hot coals around and on top of the bowl.

Why pizza made from brick oven is superior

For pizza to cook well, the temperature in your oven needs to be high enough in order to have the desired effect of the bread crust becoming crisp as well as the cheese melting fast enough to quickly bind the pizza’s toppings that you will use.

With a brick oven, not only do you have the advantage of playing around with the temperature as you see fit, the pizza is usually placed inside on the smooth heath and proceeds to cook while being infused with the earthy aroma of the clay plus the burning fire. The end result is pizza that tastes very smoky, has toppings that are very crunchy and whose crust is fluffy. Nothing beats this kind of pizza and it tastes even better if you have one that is a loved family recipe of the pizzeria.

Pizzas also cook very fast as the heat in the brick oven is usually high. Any pizzeria that wants to make pizza with a homey touch as well as have an efficient and energy-saving oven, their best bet would be to have a brick oven in their establishment.