Brick Oven Pizza Wallingford CT

Brick Oven Pizza Wallingford CT

Find the best in brick oven pizza, Wallingford, CT. Restaurants in Connecticut spring up with the objective of feeding the customers with the best food and brick oven pizza ever prepared. It’s all about having that special ingredient for a restaurant. At the Christos Restaurant & Bar, you can expect plenty of delicious brick oven pizza options. Brick Oven Pizza at Christos in Wallingford, CT is one you can’t resist. Check all over the region and very few pizza eateries match the level of this outstanding pizzeria. On the menu is any meal you can think of. Italian, American cuisines in plenty. Regarding the matter on what you can expect, that’s already settled; anything you wish. The chefs here are always inventing new recipes for the best customer experience.

Just pick one item and have a taste; 10 out of 10 will be impressed by the delicious taste and quality ingredients making of the brick oven pizza. It’s something that gives customers here a hard time trying to pick out the best item from the best pizzeria in the Connecticut. The restaurant is popular for quality brick oven pizzas. But wait until you get to the dining room and you will get the bigger picture. It’s not all about the brick oven pizza. There are other numerous special meals professional chefs prepare here. The fresh vegetables, pasta, fresh seafood, burgers, rolls, salads, chicken and you name it are all available here.

Walking into the Christos of Wallingford dining rooms is like walking into a pizzeria. The atmosphere is perfect for dining at whatever spot you pick. It could the indoor, the patio or the outdoor setting. And you are not alone. Polite company from the staff here is extra ordinary. They treat clients like family. An eating moment like no other. There are guarantees that you will get out of this pizzeria full, smiling and of course planning on eating more pizza.

Gluten Free Meals including Brick Oven Pizza

Once again, everybody gets his/her share of brick oven pizza. It’s common for allergic people to avoid pizza restaurants for they worry of their safety. That’s understandable especially when some locations are not to be trusted. At the Christos of Wallingford though, things are different. Pizzeria chefs are professional getting down to the minor details just to make sure that nothing gets contaminated in the brick oven. If you are looking for a gluten free brick oven pizzeria in Connecticut, Christos of Wallingford will be the ideal answer. Celiac sufferers have nothing to worry about any item or brick oven pizzas here.

Inside the pizzeria is a full gluten free menu, along with brick oven pizza you can suit yourself with. You don’t just get one meal, but a whole lot of options. And this is not just talk, it’s certified. Once again, everybody always has confidence eating the brick oven pizza.

Ideal pizza venue even for a large party. Book your party today!

When you are the host even for a small party, you have to think of the perfect venue. Well, that burden is taken away from you with the Christos of Wellingford in mind. Everything about parting is taken care of in here. Even when you have a big party brewing, we can accommodate that.

Not just in talk, but in deed. Being all inclusive, you don’t have to get stressed sourcing party inputs. Even your planning will become easier as catering, drinks, the venue, services and what have you are all in the house. Is it a birthday party, a graduation event or any other celebration? We have the perfect brick oven pizza for it.

Clients get assistance on selection, venue arrangements and so on. You just need to give your brief and the management is on it. Whatever special needs your guests might have, they will be taken care of. With the environment being casual and relaxing, your party will be one to remember.

A Vegetarian Eatery that Offers Brick Oven Pizza

Brick Oven Pizza Wallingford, CT offers perfect brick oven pizza and meals. But not to all. That’s why Christos of Wallingford goes a step further to mind the needs of every client. Some people turn vegetarian by choice while others have no choice but to do it. Often, that’s a problem as not many restaurants have their needs in mind. If you got dietary needs and are looking for the best brick oven pizza, then you have your answer right here. Christos of Wallingford remains the favorite spot for the vegetarians that love brick oven pizza. The vegetarian options here are unique with surprisingly delicious brick oven pizza options.

There are many meatless items including entrees, crisp salads, mushrooms, brick oven pizza and so on. Each item is unique in its own way and with special flavors as specially prepared by the professional chefs in the kitchen. All your eating needs are solved the moment you step in the pizzeria or pick up your phone for a brick oven pizza order.

arugula prosciutto pizza at Christos Restaurant and Bar

A Place for Brick Oven Pizza in Wallingford, CT

Looking for a spot where you can relax and have some good moments? That is Christos of Wallingford. You got everything around you. When hungry, the staff are ready to serve Brick Oven Pizza or any other main course as you wish. Not hungry but wants something crispy to keep your mouth busy? Well, you can’t exhaust the freshly prepared burgers, sandwiches and brick oven pizza. Tired after work and are looking for a place to relax? You got it right here. A quiet drink will be nice to spend the evening. You could even be in the company of friends, and the cocktail is on. That too can be accommodated here. You are also to take this venue for a dating adventure. If it’s something that requires an advanced level of attention, then you can place a reservation for the special moment. It’s a whole lot of fun. You just have to enjoy the brick oven pizza.

The Christos of Wallingford is a true representation of what polished dining is like. The staff all work tirelessly to ensure that clients have a perfect meal and brick oven pizza while here. It’s a place defined by comfort, style, quality and class. You don’t just enjoy the food or the drinks, but the presentation too. The staff here know their craft. It’s the main reason they have managed to make the best brick oven pizza.

There are so many specials and brick oven pizza options you cannot get anywhere else but at Christos. It’s an award winning restaurant and pizzeria that is proud of its fine food, brick oven pizza and service. Indeed, a perfect modern place for dining, partying, meeting and all sorts of fun.

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