Food By Me

Food By Me

Have you been saying, “I need to find new places for food by me?” Eatery places start with the sole purpose of soldering on. However, many places end up falling simply because of mistake making or miscalculations. Having taken note of this, Christos Restaurant & Bar takes no chance. We work hard to ensure that our clients remain happy and satisfied every time they eat at our restaurant or order our food online. If you are searching for places to eat food by me, then Christos is the spot to go. No matter what time of the year it is, you can count on us. We rise above the client expectations to deliver a dining experience to remember.

Even when the odds seem to be against us, we beat the challenge and thrive. Our attention to detail and commitment in what we do is what keeps us above the rest. We joined the restaurant industry long time ago. The fact that we are still shining to date is proof that we got what it takes. With so many restaurants shutting their door in a matter of months after opening, one may wonder what secrets we adopt to keep shining.

Visit our restaurant and see all that we have to offer.

lasagna at Christos Restaurant and Bar

Our renowned chefs keep our food ranking high always. Their art of food is second to none. If you have a doubt, eat our burgers, doughnuts, pasta, soups, sandwiches, hotdogs or any other favorite food. The taste of each is mouth-watering and the presentation classic. These chefs make food for everyone. The wide variety of cuisines including food for vegetarians and gluten allergic individuals are courtesy of these chefs.

Our success formula is founded on attention to details and passion of our staff members. We know how to take care of our local business needs. We let our customers choose their favorite food from the many options we prepare. How we bring in staff members also does matter. We don’t just let anyone join us. Instead, we do a lot of scrutiny to ensure that we only bring in passionate and polite servers and professional chefs. We are quick to fix any inaccuracies. Our policy to build positive relationships ensure that clients trust in us always.

Eat and build romance

Having been in the industry for long, we understand what our clients want. That’s why we provide excellent treats to all clients who come to our premises and those who order our food online. As a matter of fact, restaurants are supposed to go beyond just eating. We expect all types of clients. We are family friendly, place of romance and pleasure also. Our food is sweet for the sweet moments. You come with your fiancé for a date and our servers will be at your service treating you like a kind and queen. We got the love food; pizza. The best you can find in Wallingford.

We also stretch our services to official catering. That can at our premises or at your preferred outdoor spot. We have the equipment to facilitate excellent catering service to all who seek our services. We know that you have no room for delivery errors during your special event. Our professional caterers help you organize on party essentials including picking the menu items, arrangements, decorations, places and so on. Every detail concerning your official event will be addressed.

chipotle chicken salad at Christos Restaurant and Bar

Couples seeking to have some special moments in some special place have Christos to go to. We got the best food by me. On top of that, the atmosphere around the restaurant and bar is official. You can make official reservations in advance just to be sure of some spot when you arrive.

We also supply our food to the couples back at home. You don’t have to come to our restaurant to enjoy the great food. If you prefer some privacy, then we bring the delicious foods to your home. It’s a simple as you clicking some buttons and leaving the local delivery to us. Whatever favorite dish you order, our delivery service will bring your food to you as soon as possible.

We got friendly staff

Our official policy is to have our clients happy always. That’s why we manage our staff effectively. They are the local people who carry our brand places. We consider having our employees regularly trained to ensure that they deliver excellent service and delivery. The chefs on their part keep it fresh in the kitchen bringing in healthy ingredients to make tasty dishes. Our servers are also trained to abandon any personal concerns they may be having and focus on keeping the guests happy. We understand that training staff is not a one-time thing. That’s why we keep training them regularly.

We insist on excellent customer service reviews. To a great extent, that has been achieved. No wonder we continue to receive many positive reviews. However, that is not to say that we are done with progress. We still continue to innovate and make changes as our clients request or as we see fit for them.

We have established a worker culture of our own. This is what keeps the workers committed to their tasks. Anyone with bad manners has no place amongst our staff. Friendly culture goes into the delivery reviews as well. They maintain hygiene when packaging and delivering foods. They will get to your location and have friendly discussions with you.

We are a growing restaurant

We started as a small business many years down the line. Where we are now is a clear display that we have made tremendous progress. We have thrived through the tough times. Every step we have made forward has been to make better customer experience. We have decorated the interiors, planted plants, improved the acoustics inside and so many other improvements. The level of dining quality has improved a great deal over time. Our menu has been expanding to create room for fresh and new cuisines while still maintaining the original cuisines. The wine list at the bar has also lengthened.

Today, we are proud to be the best restaurant in Wallingford for best food by me. And the motto is to go on shining. As a matter of fact, we guarantee excellent service to all clients who come to Christos any season.

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