Pizzeria Wallingford CT

Pizzeria Wallingford CT

Finding a pizzeria in Wallingford CT is very easy and all you basically need to know is the top rated places. You can opt to go with the world chains when you are looking for a pizza joint but then you have to settle for commercial pizza which will taste very different from pizza made in a homey restaurant setting. The pizza was invented in Rome, Italy and has been around ever since the 10th century. You can only imagine how many changes pizza has gone through and the reviews that can be found in the world!

Most of the time, the best way to find a pizzeria in Wallingford CT is to go by reviews though when it comes to pizza, this is very tricky. The reason for this is that in general, you will get two types of pizza. It’s either thin crust or has a thick crust and this plays an important role when someone is making a decision about pizza. Other factors like the cheese that has been used, the toppings and the amounts of toppings being used will also influence someone’s decision when they want to recommend a Christos restaurant.

Meat Lovers pizza at Christos Restaurant and Bar

How is pizza made?

There are many ways of making pizza and it usually depends with whether or not the restaurant serves a more commercial purpose, like Pizza Hut or if it’s a homey pizzeria that really focuses on each and every pizza made. Some pizza is sold frozen either pre-cooked or completely raw for the person to cook it at home and sometimes, people are able to make pizza at their homes from scratch. The different methods of cooking pizza will have an overall effect on how the pizza tastes at the end of the day though arguably, pizza is pizza whether the cooking method is paradise or not!

  • Pizza can be made in an oven that has been hollowed out and fortified with stones. This kind of pizza is called stone brick pizza and the taste is very different when you compare to other kinds of pizza. The reason for this could be the earthiness and the smokiness of the kiln that adds a bit of flavor to the pizza. Dishes made this way cook very quickly though they are more expensive and especially if you have to buy one in a restaurant that has a stone oven.
  • Pizza can also be cooked in an electric deck kiln and this is commonly found in most commercial pizzerias in any city or town. The reason for this is that the electric microwave is very easy to turn on and off and the temperature will be controlled by the use of a dial. Pizza made this way is also good though you will not find any earthy flavors. It is very quick to cook pizza this way especially in fast eat joints where a large group of people gather to have the snack.
  • A conveyor brick is also a kind of kiln that is used to cook pizza and it is very economical to use it as many dishes can be cooked at the same time in comparison to the previous two. You should expect to find such an kiln in expensive pizzerias where the number of people waiting to have a pizza is many and the owners do not wish to have a long queue

There are other methods of cooking pizza which include over the grill and over the deck. None of this methods are really new and they have only been modified or improved over the years. In a restaurant where you will find one method being used more often and it is only because of the traditions of the restaurant. Some pizzerias are very dedicated and prefer to serve only artisanal pizza to their guests and customers and therefore only use stone ovens to make the pizza.

How do you decide on toppings?

Pizza toppings play a major role when it comes to a pizza order. You might not have much choice when it comes to the kind of sauce used or the kind of cheese for the matter but you are usually given an order of the toppings you can have on your pizza. When you go to a pizzeria chain like Pizza Hut or Dominoes, you will find they already have pizza categorized as per their toppings which leads you to select either Hawaii which is usually ham and pineapples or pepperoni which will include pepperoni and sometimes chicken toppings amongst others. When in such restaurant, the most you can do is perhaps get extra toppings and decide on the type of crust you have.

Some pizzerias love to have their guests engaged in the pizza making process and will let you ‘make your own’ pizza by providing you with a list of toppings. You can find a recommended combination but otherwise, the end reviews lie with you. Other pizzerias will charge you a bit more in order to choose the kind of tomato sauce you want on your pizza and the kind of cheese. Most pizzerias use the standard pizza tomato sauce which is either bought or store made and they mostly use mozzarella cheese because of its melting as well as elasticity characteristics.

When you have to decide on toppings, you should obviously order what you can eat. The toppings could range from basil, ham, sausages, beef cuts, chicken cuts, mozzarella, tomatoes, onions, yellow corn, mushrooms, anchovies, olives, pineapples, spinach, steak cuts, garlic, and bacon among others. You will always be provided with a list to select from and if you aren’t sure about any combinations, you are better off asking the pizzeria otherwise your pizza won’t taste so great!

Why reviews love us!

Of course, by now you know the kind of dishes we make and the leeway we have given you when it comes to making pizza. Our pizzas are made from amore!